Committed to its awareness of the environment, Peerless Rug Company carries a wide selection of natural, sustainable, and renewable floor coverings that meet customers’ concerns for a healthy environment as well as exacting standards for LEED certification.

Few companies have as many Earth-friendly products as Peerless, from our vast selection of hand-knotted Orientals in natural wool or silk to carpeting that contains recycled content to such sustainable products as cork and bamboo.

Peerless is a trend-setting distributor of the eco-friendly rugs from Merida, itself a company known for its total commitment to using natural sisal, jute, sea grass, abaca, hemp, and New Zealand wool for its stunningly simple designs.

Our green commitment is also evident in our commercial library of LEED products and eco-friendly installation options.

Peerless is the Chicago area’s representative for Just Shorn Rugs, a New Zealand company known for its unmatched quality of wool fleece, humanely shorn from sheep that range freely over the green hills of New Zealand. Just Shorn sends this incomparable fleece to Nepal to be hand-knotted into rugs and throughout the world to be woven into the highest quality wall-to-wall carpeting available.

We carry tiles of recycled glass and ceramic as well as our many choices of sustainable flooring.

A visit to our showroom will show you our dedication to green floor coverings.

Let our experience work for you.